Taffy exceeded all our expectations, and we are so grateful to her for facilitating our handfasting ceremony. What a gem! Right from the first moment on the consultation call, she listened closely to the story of our relationship, taking thoughtful notes so she could personalize the ceremony. While we invited Taffy to officiate a ceremony of our own design, she also stepped in (respectfully and with our invitation) as a collaborator in the overall event. Taffy came ripe with creative ideas, a depth of knowledge, and a facility for holding ritual space. On the day of the ceremony, she showed up with professionalism and warmth. The circle she cast was strong, creating an arresting presence and space for the Divine to enter the space to be with us and our guests. Initially, our choice to invite a Pagan Priestess felt precarious, since our guests were a mixed crowd: we wanted the ceremony to be inclusive of all guests but without compromising the sphere of sanctity. She pulled it off beautifully, and even — we later learned — left all our guests swooning (even the secular ones)!
We cannot recommend Taffy’s services highly enough. Besides being a beautiful presence and a lovely person, she is an incredible officiant. We will remember that day for a lifetime. Thank you, Taffy!
 – Skye W

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- Handfasting Exceeded Expectations