About Taffy

Let’s face it, most wedding ceremonies are dull; it’s thought of as the-thing-that-must-get-done-before-the-big-party-can-happen, especially as so many of the ceremonies are cookie-cutter rituals.

One trend towards a more personalized wedding is to get a friend or other loved one to officiate the wedding. After all, it seems logical to get someone who knows you so well as they would surely make certain that the ceremony was all about the couple. Sadly, what often happens is one long wedding toast, or roast, of the couple devoid of the respect the ceremony deserves. Or even worse, a long, patronizing sermon on what marriage means (as if the couple didn’t already know that). Not to mention that someone not used to officiating weddings often doesn’t understand what to do once the inevitable goes wrong.

That’s where I come in. My listening skills have taught me to understand what the couple truly wants. I’ll craft and work a ceremony that reflects you and showcases your taste, style, and beliefs. Together, we’ll inspire and refresh your friends and family with a truly personalized wedding. Plus, my years of performing public rituals have given me the experience needed to weather any bridal storm.

If you do decide to have a beloved friend or family member officiate, I can help guide them so your wedding goes smoothly. Please go to Packages and Prices and scroll down to the Guidance Package.

I’m ordained as an Elder Priestess by the Covenant of the Goddess (cog.org). The Covenant of the Goddess is one of the largest and oldest Wiccan religious organizations. “CoG, founded in 1975, is an advocacy organization that seeks to foster cooperation amongst Wiccans and Witches; to secure legal protection; to provide education through outreach, and to nurture its members through dialog and community.”

As a polytheist and interfaith practitioner, I love officiating weddings of all faiths, and none at all. I’ve been blessed to officiate Christian, Athiest, interfaith, and Pagan weddings. I especially enjoy taking traditions from the couple’s backgrounds and incorporating them into a perfect reflection of the celebrants.

Serving the greater Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Area, and Northern California.

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