Wedding Reviews

“I couldn’t believe I would ever find someone who knew about Handfasting. But my friend told me about Taffy. I’m so grateful! It was perfect!” ~ Mackenzie H

– The Handfasting Was A Dream

Taffy was fantastic! She gave us a packet of pre-made ceremony options so we could pick and choose the parts we wanted (we didn’t want to make our own from scratch). Anytime I reached out to Taffy, she responded quickly and we set up Zoom calls as needed. Taffy introduced us to the idea of handfasting and we loved it; our guests loved it too! I would highly recommend Taffy to everyone!!!” ~ Charlene P

– The wedding was all I dreamed it to be

“My fiance and I knew that we did not want a religious officiant, but someone unique who would understand us and help us come up with the perfect wedding ceremony. Taffy definitely fits this bill! We met her through a friend and made an appointment to sit down and talk. We talked about how we met, our favorite things about each other, and other tidbits of info. She came up with the perfect ceremony and on the day of the wedding, everything went so perfectly. She is so sweet and kind and really made the day amazing for us. We didn’t have to worry about how it would go, honestly, because we had so much confidence in her. I highly recommend Taffy!” ~ Rebecca D

Such a warm and caring person who really “got” us!

“She really listened to what I wanted and translated it into magic! She guided and helped me to choose the right readings, suggesting more sources than I had thought – ours came from the lyrics of our favorite song. I thought the ceremony would be the boring part that we’d just have to get through. Again, it was magical” – Deb D

– Taffy Created the Perfect Ceremony

“We really didn’t know what we wanted for a ceremony beyond wanting to be married. My family is very Catholic while his is Mormon and neither of us practices the faith we were raised in. We wanted a ceremony that fit our more Nature-based spirituality without offending either side. Taffy worked with us to build a unique, customized ceremony that was perfect. I can’t imagine doing it without her help. When the day arrived, she was so professional but still very warm and approachable. Her confidence helped everyone involved feel more at ease about the ceremony. She wore a beautiful robe that looked perfect in the photos. She spoke so eloquently making the words we so carefully crafted come alive. Both families were so impressed. Our friends were impressed. Most importantly we felt that the ceremony spoke to us and fit us. What a beautiful way to start our lives together. – Madeleine B

-Taffy Dugan did an outstanding job as officiant

Taffy exceeded all our expectations, and we are so grateful to her for facilitating our handfasting ceremony. What a gem! Right from the first moment on the consultation call, she listened closely to the story of our relationship, taking thoughtful notes so she could personalize the ceremony. While we invited Taffy to officiate a ceremony of our own design, she also stepped in (respectfully and with our invitation) as a collaborator in the overall event. Taffy came ripe with creative ideas, a depth of knowledge, and a facility with holding ritual space. On the day of the ceremony, she showed up with professionalism and warmth. The circle she cast was strong, creating an arresting presence and space for the Divine to enter the space to be with us and our guests. Initially, our choice to invite a Pagan Priestess felt precarious, since our guests were a mixed crowd: we wanted the ceremony to be inclusive of all guests but without compromising the sphere of sanctity. She pulled it off beautifully, and even — we later learned — left all our guests swooning (even the secular ones)!
We cannot recommend Taffy’s services highly enough. Besides being a beautiful presence and a lovely person, she is an incredible officiant. We will remember that day for a lifetime. Thank you, Taffy!
– Skye W

-Taffy Exceeded Our Expectations

Taffy exceeded all expectations, and we are so grateful to her for performing Our Handfasting Ceremony.
We Are Starting Our 2023 Year Off Right! 😀 From the first moment we met for our coffee/consultation, she listened closely to the story of our 15 15-year relationship and talked about ways she could include Our Love Story to help personalize Our Ceremony. And then we just kept talking! She is very easy to talk to and just makes the whole process a comfortable one. From how and when we met in 2008 to getting Engaged while performing “If I Were A Carpenter” by Johnny Cash & June Carter Song for a Lip Sync Battle at his Company Holiday Party in 2016. And then onto the October 2017 Fires that caused us to postpone Our Original Wedding Plans; to my Father in Law and our Best Friend/Officiant both passing away unexpectedly the year prior and everything in between
. Taffy was kind & patient and she brought several creative ideas, and a depth of knowledge to the whole ceremony that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. My now Husband ? is a Rustic/Non-Religious Man and I am a Witchy/Spiritualistic Woman and our guests ranged in varying degrees of Faith. Taffy took all our ideas and needs and created a Ceremony that moved everyone regardless of their Faith with its emotion. All our friends & family loved her. My Husband & I cannot recommend Taffy’s services enough. She is a beautiful Spirit and a Wonderful Person. We Will Remember This Day Always. Thank You & Blessed Be; From Mr & Mrs. Melton. – Brian R

-A Magical Experience

Taffy was seriously the BEST part of our wedding, aside from my beautiful bride of course. She came highly recommended from a Facebook group, and I absolutely understand why. She was thorough, communicative, and very involved leading up to the ceremony. She wrote a beautiful ceremony for us and checked in throughout the process to make sure we were happy and gave us the opportunity to add or remove anything as we wanted. The ceremony itself was magical, and I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. She stood in the pouring rain and didn’t rush through anything, and instead embraced the blessing and didn’t miss a beat. She is LGBTQ+ friendly, affordable, handled all the paperwork, was happy to travel, and even checked in with us the following day to see how we were doing. If you are looking for the most sincere, thoughtful and downright amazing officiant, Taffy is your person! – Juniper L

-Nothing Short of Magical