We really didn’t know what we wanted for a ceremony beyond wanting to be married. My family is very Catholic while his is Mormon and neither of us practices the faith we were raised in. We wanted a ceremony that fit our more Nature-based spirituality without offending either side. Taffy worked with us to build a unique, customized ceremony that was perfect. I can’t imagine doing it without her help. When the day arrived, she was so professional but still very warm and approachable. Her confidence helped everyone involved feel more at ease about the ceremony. She wore a beautiful robe that looked perfect in the photos. She spoke so eloquently making the words we so carefully crafted come alive. Both families were so impressed. Our friends were impressed. Most importantly we felt that the ceremony spoke to us and fit us. What a beautiful way to start our lives together. Taffy was outstanding as a wedding officiant – Madeleine B

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- Taffy Is An Outstanding Wedding officiant.